Hello penguins, the Club Penguin virtual world will be closing March 29, 2017.


Disney Canada Inc. is THE place to work! Here's why. 

Not only are we home to one of the largest, most successful children's websites (Club Penguin), but you also get the opportunity to work with some of the most creative, innovative, talented, dedicated and fun people in the industry! If you get a chance to come visit our studio for an interview, you'll feel it right away. There's something different about this place.

Maybe it's the foos table in the games room, or the panoramic view of the mountains surrounding Kelowna, or the smiles on the faces of everyone you meet in the hall. Ask any one of those people and they'll tell you... this is indeed THE place to work.

So if you want to come play with us... get clicking! You'll be taken to a list of the positions located here in glorious, sunny Kelowna. Oh, and good luck!