Hello penguins, the Club Penguin virtual world will be closing March 29, 2017.

Coins For Change 2010

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The Coins You Give Are Going Places

Once again during Coins For Change, our players gave their Club Penguin coins! These coin donations counted as votes that helped decide how a $1 M cash donation was split amongst 3 real world causes.

Together, through the years, we’ve helped 200,000 kids go to school, provided medical care for 2 million people, and helped protect 13 endangered species and their habitats across the world.


Provide Medical Help

  • Support medical clinics for African kids and families in Malawi and Lesotho
  • Fund operations for sick and disabled children in Cambodia

Protect the Earth

  • Teach kids, families & communities to care for rainforests and wetlands
  • Protect endangered animals in South America & Asia

Build Safe Places