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Coins For Change 2011

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We're Changing the World

This year, inspired by our players' generosity, we doubled the Coins For Change donation to $2 M! Since 2007, more than $6.5 M has been given to projects that helped hundreds of thousands of kids and families around the globe.

And we're not done! The world needs more schools and playgrounds, more communities with clean water, and more help for endangered animals and the environment.

Check out the results below. And let us know about more things you're doing to change the world!


Provide Medical Help

  • Food and clean water for kids in Haiti and all over Africa, Asia and South America
  • Toys and alternative play for hospitalized kids in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia
  • Surgery for poor kids in Cambodia; health clinics and hospitals in Malawi and Lesotho

Protect the Earth

  • Overnight camp in Kenya and Zimbabwe where kids can learn about endangered animals native to their homeland
  • Habitat protection and tree planting in Africa, Asia, and South America
  • Protection for endangered animals like Snow Leopards, Saiga Antelopes, Cotton-top Tamarins, Andean Cats, Tapirs and Penguins

Build Safe Places