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Coins For Change 2013

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Change the World with Club Penguin!

This holiday, we changed the world and had fun doing it. Millions of players joined Club Penguin for the seventh annual Coins For Change. Every penguin who took part made a difference!

From December 19 - January 1, players logged in to Club Penguin, played online games, and donated 25 billion virtual coins to help real world projects and charities around the globe. Because of our players' overwhelming support, ten projects will share a $1M donation that will provide medical help, build safe places, and protect the earth.

Real world projects range from constructing school libraries and a hospital wing, to protecting the nesting grounds of penguins and migratory routes of snow leopards.

In the spirit of giving, players also pledged to donate 10,985 toys to children less fortunate than themselves

Thanks for making this year successful. Together, we're changing the world! 


Provide Medical Help

  • Supply clean water for kids in Ecuador
  • Give toys and activity packages to kids in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Australia, Canada, Haiti, the United Kingdom, and the United States
  • Build a new hospital wing to keep kids and mothers healthy in Malawi

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Protect the Earth

  • Save fragile nesting grounds for penguins
  • Protect habitats and plant trees in Africa, Asia, South America, and the United States
  • Safeguard endangered animals like Snow Leopards, Saiga Antelopes, Lowland Tapirs, and others

Build Safe Places