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Coins For Change 2014

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Play For Change

We believe everyone deserves a safe, fun place to play, learn, and grow. So every year, during Coins For Change, players donate billions of coins to help change the world!

Want to help? Just log in, play games, and donate your virtual coins. The coins you donate help unlock real world projects!

These projects will share a $1 Million (USD) donation that will help build schools, playgrounds, and libraries, and protect endangered animals and their habitats. Since 2007 we've donated over $12 million to projects around the world.

Keep reading to learn more about where you're making a difference!

Provide Medical Help

Taking care of your health is important. That's why we’re helping provide clean water and health programs, and supporting a maternity ward. Plus we’re giving kids in hospitals the chance to play with free Club Penguin memberships.

  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Haiti
  • Mexico
  • United Kingdom
  • United States


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Protect the Earth

We share the planet with some amazing creatures. That's why we're helping create school programs, protect animal homes, and stopping poaching.

  • Andean Cats (Bolivia)
  • Armadillos (Brazil & Colombia)
  • Cotton Top Tamarins (Colombia)
  • Lions (Mozambique)
  • Lowland Tapirs (Brazil)
  • Okapi (Democratic Republic of Congo)
  • Painted Dogs (Zimbabwe)
  • Penguins (Argentina)
  • Saiga Antelopes (Uzbekistan)
  • Sloth (Colombia)
  • Snow Leopards (India, Nepal & Russia)
  • Yellow-Tailed Woolly Monkeys (Peru)


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Build Safe Places